Poultry feed and accessories

We hold a variety of poultry feeds, Harpers Home Mix being our all purpose feed supplier, and we stock their layers pellets, mash, growers pellets and chick crumbs, and cut maize.  Specialist feeds ie turkey grower can be supplied to order.

We also stock Fancy Feeds, Smallholders and Organic ranges, grit and shell, feeders, waterers, red mite treatments and disenfectant, broody coops, and Verm-X wormers.

Farm livestock

We stock Harpers Home Mix livestock feeds, for cattle, sheep and pigs, all in sacks.

We also stock goat mixes and straights, and can supply non-GM and organic to order.


organic_feed_sack_1We are often asked for organic feed, and we keep in stock The Organic Feed Companys layers pellets and mixed corn, in bags.  These feeds are made with 100% organically grown Ingredients, exceeding even the highest Soil Association organic standards

• No synthetic ingredients
• Non-GM and drug free mill

These feeds are made from the following ingredients:

Organic wheat, organic barley, organic wheatfeed, organic peas, organic alfalfa pellets, organic soya, organic linseed

As well as poultry feeds, The Organic Feed Company also manufacture sheep, cattle, pig and goat feeds, all of which we can order for you.

Genetically Modified Ingredients

GM ingredients are in many foods, and some people would prefer to avoid them wherever possible.  We can help you with this, when you come to the store tell a member of staff that you are interested in feeding a non-GM ration, and we can direct you to the correct feeds.

We keep in stock the Smallholder range for poultry… and for the horse, the complete Allen & Page range which is vegetarian and GM free.

Shop Hours

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